Develop and empower your people.

Our customized programs for leaders, business owners, and teams grow your company and your bottom line.

Our clients include

We help business owners and leaders like you maximize your potential and contribution to the organization, while enabling your team to be empowered, engaged, and accountable.


Motivating, engaging, and aligning leaders and your teams


Succession planning for entrepreneurs and company leaders

Customized powerful leadership building processes and solutions, including competency development, that support your business and personal objectives.


Social and emotional intelligence development for leaders and managers

Enhancing your social and emotional intelligence, helping you to improve business performance and step into your next level of success.


Employee engagement and empowerment

The Great Game of Business™ is a proven business operating system of Open-book Management, empowering your employees to think and act like owners and creating profit and employee engagement.


Unlocking human potential for result-driven performance

Dare to Lead™ is a courage-building program that’s a game-changer for leaders at all levels. Our outcome-focused programs help maximize individual and organizational potential.


What our clients are saying about us

Jason Miller
CEO, Marea Beachfront Villas

‘Prior to working with HEG, I was the one making all the decisions and my people, who are very bright and confident, were solely focused on just doing their jobs. Because of HEG, those people have started to go the extra mile by becoming more involved and are now real leaders within the company.’

Judi O.
Founder, Culinary Production Co.

‘In our work together I experienced Sally-Jo as authentic, patient, curious, compassionate, direct, and consistent. She used tools and creativity to empower me to get to the root of whatever issues I brought to our sessions.She supported me to map out plans that guided me on the path to the clarity and results I was seeking. I’m now attracting clients I love, having more fun, and my business is growing!’

Dr. Hammad Aziz
President, North Aurora Smiles

‘In the midst of the great resignation, we were able to very quickly reconstitute our team to still deliver the highest quality service despite massive turnover.’


Our proprietary process helps you create the change your organization needs


Current State

Analyze every facet of the situation to reveal things not yet seen.


Ideal State

Collaborate to uncover a detailed vision of what you really want.



Harness the creativity of your team to find ways to make your ideal state a reality.


Create The Change

Take achievable and measureable steps to create the change you want.


Driving success

We are experts at unleashing the potential of leaders and their organizations

Building an Entrepreneurial Culture

The CEO of a family-oriented hospitality brand was striving to develop a team that aligned with his vision—delivering a unique and welcoming experience while delivering profitability.

Sales Team Transformation

This leading in-venue interactive entertainment and marketing platform wanted to evolve their sales processes and build their sales team to take their business to the next level.

Building a Strong Succession Plan

The top leaders of a highly profitable, publicly-traded company were about to retire and did not have a strong succession plan, spelling dire consequences in the near future.

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

Senior leaders at a Midwest financial institution were near retirement, and the next generation of leaders were not prepared to take on the leadership mantle.


Our leadership team has contributed to the success of countless individuals and organizations around the world

Sally Jo O'Brien

Sally-Jo O’Brien, PCC

As a Coach at the Human Emergence Group (HEG), Sally-Jo partners with leaders at all levels to provide customized Executive Coaching and Leadership Development.

Mike Zwell HEG

Dr. Mike Zwell

A globally recognized Competency and Talent Management expert, Mike has helped hundreds of organizations achieve their potential and fulfill their mission by developing systems, processes and people.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 2.00.26 AM

Dr. Lisa Sanden

Currently operates as Senior Consultant for The Human Emergence Group (HEG) .

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