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Cutting Edge Competency Development

Competency consulting seeks to determine what differentiates high performers from average performers. HEG’s coaches and consultants represent an unparalleled set of skills and experience, with backgrounds ranging from corporate executives to entrepreneurs to subject-matter experts.

Competencies can serve as ideal state visions of performance and behavior towards which employees can develop and aspire.

We do this for:

  • Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Engineering, IT, Finance, and HR
  • Leadership
  • All employees, company-wide
Role-Based Competency Development & Implementation
HEG’s competency development & implementation can be tailored to specific job roles, such as sales or marketing or leadership, or it may be used for company-wide application. It can be greatly beneficial to those organizations most interested in creating and/or strengthening their company culture.
Talent Management Competency Development & Implementation
HEG also specializes in competency development & implementation based on certain stages of organizational operations. These include hiring, training, performance management, employee development, succession planning, etc. As industries and markets evolve, so too do organizations. Keeping employees trained on current best-practices and investing in continual development boosts both employee morale and the bottom-line.

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