Transformation Lab

Our advanced, in-depth program gives you all
you need to bring it all together & discover in-depth
knowledge that’s actually relevant to your life,
growth, and the discovery of your true potential.

Transformation Lab

In the Transformation Lab curriculum, you’ll delve deeply into two key components of the Six-Phase Developmental Model by which humans learn, grow, and develop. You’ll explore the inner you while working through your uncertainties in a safe and supportive small group environment.

This program uses both historic and cutting-edge research to bring you the best of neuroscience, positive psychology, behavioral economics, and education. Our enthusiastic leadership team has a clear and deep understanding of how successful individuals create lasting positive change in their lives.

Unleash your deepest hidden potential.

What You Will Do:

Our advanced, in-depth program draws from the most prolific thinkers and researchers in history and the very best of what’s at the forefront of psychology and neuroscience today. This program gives you everything you need to bring it all together and discover in-depth knowledge and theory that’s actually relevant to your life, growth and the discovery of your true potential and success.

You’ll work in a supportive, small group environment—an ideal setting in which to actively practice and bring out your best: working in tandem with 6 to 12 students who (just like you!) are energetically working to hone in on their social and emotional intelligence skills.


You can complete one or both Lab components (based on your comfort level and schedule):

  • Transformation Lab – Part One: Emotional Intelligence Lab (2-year program)
  • Transformation Lab – Part Two: Social Intelligence Lab (2-year program)
Transformation Lab – Part One: Emotional Intelligence Lab
(2-year program) :

Here’s your chance to develop and enhance your emotional intelligence to reveal a strong, positive sense of self, so you can be more effective both personally and professionally. You’ll learn how to explore, identify, name and responsibly and fully regulate and express your emotions. You’ll explore how to practice effective self-care and how to be clear about your desires and intentions.

Transformation Lab – Part Two:
Social Intelligence Lab (2-year program):

After completing Transformation Lab Part One, you’ll dive into Part Two. Social Intelligence Lab allows you to explore and enhance your personal power and influence through the lens of heightened social intelligence. Learn to effectively handle criticism (from both yourself and others), discover how to tell the truth more deeply than ever before, and learn how to engage in productive, creative conflict.

What You’ll Get:

  • Using simple, uncomplicated approaches to learning and a curriculum that updates every quarter so you’re consistently ahead of the curve, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a program more effective, dynamic, and engaging through which to continue bringing your most awesome YOU to life.
  • Transformation Lab participants report gaining a deeper sense of themselves and increased ease in everyday interpersonal interactions of every nature due to this advanced social and emotional intelligence training.
  • Discover your most authentic self and know yourself more completely with this in-depth, hands-on lab experience.

Each Transformation Lab includes:

  • Weekly 2-hour evening meetings.
  • 3 weekend trainings per year.
  • Optional participation in a team project once per year.
  • Weekly online written growth reports demonstrating what you learn and how you grow.
  • 2-Biweekly individual coaching sessions are required and at an additional cost. This cost varies depending upon the individual coach’s rate.


For pricing information, registration, or any other questions, please email Dr. Mike Zwell ( or give Mike a call (312-919-9494).