image representing how Human Emergence Group empower employees at work

Empower Employees to Drive Business Growth

Employee Empowerment

The concept of employee empowerment has many facets. Search for any term or phrase surrounding “how to empower your employees” and you’ll receive millions of online results. None of those approaches is necessarily wrong. Yet, traditional tactics that are typically used to “empower” employees leave room for so much more.

Using a strategy called open-book management, business leaders have an opportunity to empower employees in a unique-yet-proven way.

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Human Emergence Group professionals explaining the difference between coaching and training

The Difference between Coaching and Training

Executive Coaching

As a business leader, you are tasked with professional development for and with your team members. This process can take different forms, such as coaching, consulting, training, and mentoring.

All of these modes of learning are about the development of individuals. You deploy one or the other because you want to give your team members, or your team overall, better skills or knowledge, or help them develop behaviors that will benefit them in the workplace.

While these terms are often used interchangeably, there are distinct differences. Each serves a specific purpose, even if the ultimate goal is the same—or at least appears to be the same. And when you break down each mode, you can see how they uniquely apply to the workplace environment. So let’s dig a little deeper into each.

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