HEG social intelligence vs emotional intelligence - businesswoman shaking hands with new business partner

Social vs. Emotional Intelligence


Who knew the “terrible twos” would set a person up for their future existence in the professional world?  It’s a formative time in a child’s life, when they start to express social and emotional cues. As the child becomes an adult, individuals develop social and emotional intelligence—both of which have strong roots in their childhood years.

Social intelligence and emotional intelligence each have unique characteristics.  And it’s important to understand them both individually so business leaders, managers, and employees better comprehend how they work together.

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Human Emergence Group Executive Coaching on the importance of listening

The Importance of Listening at Work

Executive Coaching

Has anyone ever said to you, “I feel like you’re not hearing me”?

Ouch. It’s an unfortunate (but common) source of frustration in both personal and professional conversations.

Most of us can name at least one important personal relationship that has slipped into an unhealthy pattern of communication. One where neither person feels seen, heard or understood. If both people can address it before the connection is irreparably broken, great! But, more often than not, one person will begin to distance themselves, or even choose to break off the relationship.

What happens when that same pattern occurs in a professional relationship?

Effective communication is crucial in the workplace at all levels, especially for leaders and their teams.

The ability to actually hear and understand each other is vital for establishing and maintaining productive relationships with coworkers and clients, providing solutions, and creating successful business outcomes.

Yet, most people report that their colleagues are sorely lacking in the listening skills department. In addition, most of us have a blindspot in the area of our own listening skill deficits, which in most cases could use a serious upgrade.

Successful leaders know that the foundation of effective communication is listening and are always looking to improve.To amplify your leadership success, here are some ways that you can polish up your listening skills for the sake of better communications at home and at work.

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